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Make marketing videos that impress with our easy drag and drop video editor.

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Animoto’s the fast and easy way to make videos that’ll grow your business. Create videos in minutes with our online video editor, so you can increase sales with video ads and promotions, create marketing videos for social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, and improve brand awareness with powerful professional videos. No video editing experience required.

Select a video storyboard or start from scratch

Pre-built storyboards are adjustable video templates, designed to make it easy to create and customize marketing videos. With storyboards for editorial content, ads and promotions, seasonal sales, how-to guides, and more, you can create eye-catching videos quickly; then easily adapt them to fit your business.

Add your photos, video clips, and text to customize your video

To begin, just drag and drop images and video clips into your video storyboard. Then customize your video by editing text, choosing songs from our library of licensed music, and changing fonts, transitions, colors, and more with ease.

Produce your video and share

Once you’ve finished editing your video, produce and share it to Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and more, all directly from Animoto. You can also email out your video, download it to share, or embed your video on your website.

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"Animoto is the perfect product for creating videos that will perform well on Facebook and other social platforms."

– Mari Smith, Facebook marketing expert

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Ready to create your first video? Watch this tutorial on how to make marketing videos for your business with Animoto’s simple online video editor. You can also find valuable information and tips on video marketing in our Resource Center or head to the Help Center for support.