Video Tips

Brand Camp Day 3: Keep Learning

Moira West


For the last day of Brand Camp, we asked Animoto’s Senior Marketing Manager, Sally Sargood, to demonstrate how to use the skills you learned in Day 1 and Day 2 to create videos that demand attention. Watch her full demo on the Brand Camp page, or read on to see how her videos turned out and get tips for creating your own videos for social.

Sally Sargood demos the Animoto Photo Burst block

Sally also debuted our new Photo Burst block, showing how it can be used to grab attention right at the very start of a video.

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Creating a video with your own content

Loved the video Sally created in her demo? You can check out the full video she created for Bluestone Lane below. Sally also incorporated the tips from Marta Mateu Vilalta, a Creative Strategist at Facebook and Instagram, and if you need a refresher on Marta’s talk, you can check her tips out here.

You'll notice that the Bluestone Lane video incorporates stop motion too. Pro photographer Vanessa Joy showed a variety of techniques for creating a stop motion video using Animoto's Photo Burst block during her presentation. To learn more about stop motion, you can also check out the simple DIY video below.

Using stock images in your videos

Even if you don’t have many photos or video clips, Sally showed how easy it is to use our Getty Images library of stock photos to create attention-grabbing videos. Sally searched for yoga and found plenty of images to populate the video you see below, plus some on-brand video clips to go with them.

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Additional tips for putting your video together

Sally shared several ideas for putting together a short, eye-catching video. Take a look at a some easy ways to add style to your next project.

  • Start with a photo burst. The fast-paced movement of a photo burst draws the eye and makes viewers want to keep watching.
  • Repeat the last image in a photo burst. Sally added a Photo block right after her photo burst and repeated her last image. Then she added fresh text to create a smooth transition between the two types of blocks.
  • Use big, clear text. Try styles like Clean Cut that add a background to text and make it easier to see. You can also enlarge your text or choose a bold font that’ll stand out in your video.

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Ready to put what you’ve learned into practice? Try creating your own promo video! And if you need a little help, you can always re-visit the Brand Camp page for more tips.