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5 Videos to Get You in the Halloween Spirit

Megan O'Neill


We love Halloween here at Animoto, if you couldn’t tell from all of our Halloween slideshow video styles and songs. And we’ve been getting into the spirit by watching (and making) as many Halloween videos as we can. We’ve rounded up five of our faves. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

5 Facts About Halloween

How much do you really know about Halloween? These 5 little-known Halloween facts might surprise you!

Marketing Video Builder Style: Standout
**Song: “Halloween Spy Theme” by Telescope

How to Carve a Fire-breathing Creature

Looking to have a little bit of DIY fun this year? This fun video tutorial will show you how to turn a pumpkin into a fire-breathing creature.

Marketing Video Builder Style: Blank Slate
**Song: “Halloween (Instrumental)” by Jennifer Grimm and Joe Alley

The Magical Pumpkin Machine

Video journalist and documentary filmmaker, Gayatri Kaul, visited Rich and Deanna Denisar, hosts of the Mt. Holly Pumpkin Festival in New Jersey. She used our Marketing Video Builder to tell the story of the Denisar’s Magical Pumpkin Machine — a homemade machine that will hollow out 1,000 pumpkins for carving this year.

Marketing Video Builder Style: Blank Slate
**Song: “i.e.” by McKenzie Stubbert

DIY Halloween Gravestones

RYOBI Power Tools shared this awesome video on their Facebook page. Check it out and learn how to create your own creepy gravestone Halloween decorations.

Marketing Video Builder Style: Bold
**Song: “Bright Eyes (Instrumental)” by Nard Berings

Step-by-Step Zombie Makeup Tutorial

Not sure about your Halloween costume yet? Here’s a tutorial that’ll show you how to turn yourself into a zombie.

Slideshow Video Builder Style: Documentary (Customizable)
**Song: “How to Raise the Sea” by Reid Willis

We’d love to see your Halloween videos! Share links with us in the comments or reach out to us on Twitter or Facebook.