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Valentine’s Day Video Marketing Tips: Make a Promo Your Customers Will Love

Moira West


Valentine’s Day is just one month away, but even if you’re busy getting ready, you’ve still got time to add a video or two to your Valentine’s Day marketing. Whether you’re trying out targeted ads for Facebook and Instagram or just want content that’ll get your page noticed, check out our Valentine’s Day guide for businesses.

Valentine's Day Video Marketing Tips

Check out our exclusive Valentine’s Day storyboard templates, learn how to create festive, love-themed videos your customers will respond to—and reap the benefits of engagement, brand awareness, and even sales that go along with seasonal video promos while you’re at it.

Valentine’s Day video ideas for your business

First things first, you’ll need to decide what your Valentine’s Day video will be about. Here are four ideas, with examples and video template suggestions, that we think work well as Valentine’s Day content or promotions. You can either jump right into the storyboard template we show you, or read on to learn how you can customize each template for your business.

Product videos

Valentine’s Day is big for gift-giving and, in the weeks leading up to the holiday, people are looking for unique gift ideas for their loved ones. Create a video that showcases a product or set of products you offer that would make a great gift. If you’re not sure where to begin, try our Valentine’s Day Gift storyboard, which uses just two images and a logo to make a square video designed to perform on Facebook and Instagram.

Sales or promotions

If you’re going to run a Valentine’s Day sale or promotion around the holiday, including your offer in a video can help you expand your reach. Share your promo with your own audience, and target potential customers as well. To advertise your sale, all you need is a couple images and your logo. You can create a marketing video of your own design, or drag-and-drop your photos into our Valentine’s Day Sale storyboard, featured below.

How-to or tutorial videos

As the holiday gets closer, tap into the market of people looking for DIY Valentine’s Day gift ideas with a how-to video or tutorial. For instance, here’s a content video that NYC-based florist City Girl Flowers created to share on Facebook and YouTube for Valentine’s Day. You can build your own using a storyboard, like our Step-based Tutorial, or start your marketing video from scratch.

Editorial posts

Not every video needs to be promotional or educational. You can also make videos just to entertain and engage viewers. Create a list, as we did in our 7 Things for Valentine’s Day storyboard below, or find your own clever way to tell a story or make your audience smile on Valentine’s Day, and you may be rewarded with more followers and more reactions to your social media posts.

Tips: Animoto Marketing videos for Valentine’s Day

Have a video idea in mind and ready to start creating? Check out our tutorial showing exactly how to get going.

The first thing you’ll need to do, when you click on Create to get started, is select “Animoto Marketing,” which has storyboards and styles designed to stand out on social media and offer more control, including collages, voice-over, and text customization.

Because our Animoto Marketing offers additional customization, we’ve put together some tips to help you make the best Valentine marketing video using Animoto.

Start with a storyboard

If you’re new to video marketing, you can take the pressure off by basing your video on one of our dozens of pre-built storyboards. These video templates are designed with best practices in mind to cut back on the time and know-how required to create video marketing, while still letting you customize your video however you like. We have multiple storyboards for Valentine’s Day, including several featured above, all of which you can find in our storyboard selector.

Get creative with color

For your regular marketing videos, it’s usually a good idea to select colors that match the colors of your brand. However, Valentine’s Day can be a fun time to think outside of the heart-shaped-box, and get creative with colors—think reds, pinks, and whites.

You can easily change your overall color scheme and font by clicking on the “Design” tab on the left-hand toolbar.

Customize colors, fonts, and video style in your Valentine's Day marketing

Or you can adjust text and background colors in your video one block at a time by hovering over a block and clicking “Edit” to enter Edit Mode. From there, click on the text “T” icon to see text options for that specific block. In the screenshot below, you can see the Clean Cut style, which lets you select not only text color, but text accent color, too.

To change a block’s overall background, select the picture icon to the right of the “T” icon and you’ll see “Accent” listed at the bottom of the Edit tray on the right-hand side of your screen.

Customize text in your Valentine's Day promo

Add images and video clips

If you’ve got your own content, you can upload it right from your computer. But if you don’t have many images of your own, check out our Getty Images stock library. Click on the “Media” tab on the left-hand toolbar, then click “Stock” to search. You’ll find plenty of romantic images and video clips that you can add to your project as part of your Animoto subscription.

Add Getty Images Stock to Your Valentine's Day marketing video

Try a collage block

Collage blocks allow you to feature several images at once. This can be great if you’ve got several products you’d like to showcase for Valentine’s Day, or even if you want to shorten your video’s length by showing more than one image at once.

If your video doesn’t already have collage, you can add one in. Select the teal ADD A BLOCK button in the upper-right-hand corner, and you’ll see an option to add a collage. Once you do, you’ll see several different layouts you can try. After you select one, just drag and drop images in to customize your layout.

Create photo collages for your Valentine's Day video

Use text for silent playback

On Facebook, more than 85 percent of videos are played on mute. That’s why text is so important. The text in your video should be big, bold, and easy to read, and it should tell a story that makes sense, even if the viewer never turns on the sound.

We recommend watching your video on mute before posting it, to ensure the message gets across. If your video does need audio to be understood, you can use text (in the video or in the description when you share the video) to indicate that viewers should make sure their sound is on.

Are you planning to use video to promote your business for Valentine’s Day? Join the Animoto Social Video Marketing Community on Facebook to bounce ideas off other Animoto customers and get feedback as you create your video.