Video Marketing

This Photographer Brings Her Brand to Life with Behind-the-Scenes Videos


Over the last 11 years, Kirsten White has worked diligently to make sure her customers love their experience with her business, and spread the word. As Studio Owner and Photographer at Kirsten White Photography, she takes pride in creating a safe space for her clients. Her photo sessions are brimming with empowering affirmations like “You are fabulous!” and “I told you you would be great!”

This ability to build trust and comfort during in-person sessions has set Kirsten’s brand apart in the industry. So, when social-distancing guidelines were introduced, she knew she had to figure out a way to create that same connection and sense of safety virtually. We spoke to Kirsten about her social media strategy, and how she stays top of mind for current customers and attracts new clientele.

Tell us a little about your business.

I specialize in photographing women. I photograph beauty, business branding, personal branding, and boudoir.

How do you use video to market your photography business?

I love using video in my business because I like to help my clients relive the fun experience that they have here in the studio. I like to mix up behind-the-scenes footage, showing them as we’re working through posing, the laughs, the giggles. I show them in the makeup chair, getting their hair done—all those things to help them remember just what a great experience it was.

Why do you share videos on social media?

I love using video for social media because it gives people who may be on the fence about having a shoot a chance to get a glimpse inside my business and see how things work, see what it’s like behind the scenes, and what the client experiences. And video tells the story beautifully.

What was the inspiration behind this video?

The inspiration for this behind-the-scenes video was the new trend of the quick 15-30 second videos that are all the rage on social media. I wanted to put together a shorter version of the behind-the-scenes video that would include some of my finished, retouched work, as well as the process.

Why was this video an effective way to reach your customers?

It was fun to watch, the music was upbeat, the layout was fun, and they got to see a lot of great behind the scenes of a photo session in a portrait studio.

Any advice for other small businesses getting started with video?

Just get your camera out, hit record, and show off what you do. You can always edit it later, so no worries. Just go for it. But definitely don’t miss out on adding video to your business. It’s priceless.

Make a human connection with video

Creating share-worthy videos helps your business stay top of mind for current and potential customers. A behind-the-scenes video like Kirsten’s helps build trust and lets your audience explore your offering without ever stepping foot in your shop or studio. Right now, giving your viewers access to your business—no matter where they are—is key. For an easy way to get started, just customize our Behind-the-Scenes template to match your brand, and share directly to your social channels.

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