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The 3 types of Instagram Stories that any business can post today (no writing or scripting needed!)

Cyndi Knapic


Every time you post a new IG story, your profile bubble is moved back to the front of the queue at the top of a viewer’s Instagram app, which can help to increase your views.

Plus, Instagram Stories only last for 24 hours, which means that businesses need to be publishing stories at least daily to make sure they’re getting in front of customers.

Since a high frequency of posting is so important to increasing your visibility online, the idea of creating scripts or outlining talking points to capture in your IG stories can feel overwhelming at times even to the most seasoned social media influencer.

So, here is a shortlist of 3 easy IG story video ideas that any business can try -- there’s no need to be camera ready or film anything!

3 easy IG story video ideas

1. Hashtag videos

It’s great to create IG stories that engage existing followers, but did you know that incorporating relevant hashtags can help you attract new viewers and followers too?

To increase the visibility of your posts, try including geolocation tags and creating IG stories related to popular interest-based hashtags such as #mondaymotivation or #tiptuesday or #wellnesswednesday.

Doing so will help you reach followers of those trending topics. Check out our Weekly Series Monday Motivation template shown below to give this video strategy a try.

2. Unique visuals

While Instagram has long since expanded beyond its roots as a square photo-sharing mobile app, it remains a destination where viewers can discover and share aesthetically beautiful content.

With the endless stream of content that viewers can tap through daily, businesses will benefit from finding creative ways to create thumb stopping visuals. To do this, try creating IG stories that incorporate attention-grabbing video bursts or impress followers with professionally designed media collage layouts such as in the example below.

3. Brand-building stories

Don’t let this category name mislead you. You don’t need to script a narrative to build or create brand stories.

The simplest version of brand storytelling can be achieved by combining a set of themed photos and/or footage. All you need are just enough visuals to create a brand image that people desire or want to be associated with. Watch the example below that was created entirely with stock footage from the Animoto stock media library, and find more examples of IG story videos like this here.

Have you created IG stories like these for your business? For more video inspiration, as well as feedback on your videos from fellow creators, join our private Facebook group, the Animoto Social Video Marketing Community