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How Cait Uses Animoto to Build Her Brand

Sally Sargood


Meet Cait, a talented musician and videographer who quickly discovered the value of Animoto when it came to advertising her services to potential clients.

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Like many musicians and live performers during the COVID era, Cait has been forced away from the stage for many months. During that time, she has had to find innovative ways to adapt her skillset to the times.

Since pivoting her business model back in mid-May, Cait has not only weathered the pandemic, she’s built a successful brand helping other small business owners improve their marketing.

Using Animoto, she has been able to produce vertical marketing videos that help her land more clients, improve her brand message, and extend her reach globally.

What does Animoto do for Cait?

Cait is a woman of many talents. Artists, musicians, and entrepreneurs of all kinds use Animoto for their businesses. Cait is all three.

Although music is her primary trade, Cait also has a background creating marketing assets for businesses and other brands. When COVID hit, she decided it was time to explore this skillset and see how it could develop long-term.

Cait’s goal of “connecting through creativity” had helped her cultivate a robust social media following for fans of her art. Since May, she’s been able to tap into this following to market her social media marketing services to the world.

Using Animoto, Cait quickly and efficiently creates promotional videos that help her reach out to prospective clients and sell them her services. She has been able to generate short vertical videos that speak to business owners, freelancers, and other individuals in succinct fashion.

The bottom line, Animoto helps Cait save time without compromising quality.

The Social Motion Packs

In mid-May, Cait launched a new product called Social Motion Packs. These are curated sets of vertical videos that brands can use for their social media stories.

Cait says… “our customers range from boutique owners, to skincare brands, artists, photographers, freelancers, retailers, social media managers, e-commerce professionals, influencers, organizations, coaches, and countless others… it’s been mind-blowing to watch entrepreneurs and creatives get creative with the Social Motion packs in their businesses.”

Her goal is to inject clients with a newfound passion for creativity, at a great price. While most companies are pressured to hire expensive videographers for brand-friendly videos, Cait is able to provide this service at an affordable cost and in less time.

Since their launch in May, Cait has sold over 2,000 Social Motion packs across more than 50 countries. With so many companies forced to cut costs amidst the pandemic, Cait’s solution has come at the right time.

Incorporating Animoto into a Larger Marketing Strategy

Cait uses Animoto in tandem with her larger marketing strategy. She has a thriving YouTube channel with behind-the-scenes videos of her creative process, plus an online community where her followers gain exclusive access to all things Cait.

She still rocks a successful music career, having recently come out with a new single called “Forgetful.” One of those songs that reminds us it’s better to have short-term memory these days (relatable).

The ability to produce great content while empowering others to do the same is truly a wonderful gift. It’s all made simpler with the help of an intuitive video editor, allowing Cait to get herself out there in front of more people and in less time.

What’s Your Purpose for Vertical Video?

Vertical video is an important tool in one’s content creation arsenal, thanks largely to mobile. Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and countless other platforms are giving vertical videos a heightened importance.

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