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How to See Compounding Results with Video Ads [Infographic]


If you’re here, you’ve probably already learned that video is a powerful tool for business. What many brands miss, however, is the impact of a consistent video strategy. Though, 93% of consumers say video is helpful when purchasing a product, your prospective customers and clients aren’t logging on to social media with their wallets ready to go. Video helps your brand reach viewers at various key touch points that lead your audience from discovery to purchase.

Curious how this plays out with a real business? We looked at Kalen Norton’s fitness business KatoTrainMePlease to gauge what a planned video strategy can do over time. Here are some highlights:

  • Kalen’s first video landed him 415 new YouTube subscribers, a win that helped him gain credibility among new and prospective clients.
  • Instagram considers ‘saves’ a key success metric in the Feed. And with 5,977 saves on his second video, Kalen’s brand was set up for success with Instagram’s algorithm.
  • With his third video, Kalen got over 1 million impressions, helping him get his services in front of an incredibly vast audience.

Want to start seeing compounding results for your business? Learn how in the infographic below.

2021-06 How-to-See-Compounding-Results-with-Video-Ads Infographic hero-image