Video Ideas

6 Marketing Video Ideas to Help You Get Started

Megan O'Neill


There are endless possibilities when it comes to creating videos. But we know that endless possibilities can sometimes be overwhelming. That’s why we’ve pulled together six of our favorite marketing video ideas for telling the story of your business.


And the best part? All six of the video ideas we’ll share were created using video templates, so you can easily click through to adapt them for your own business. Before we dive into the ideas, check out this quick tutorial about how to select and use video templates in Animoto.

As you can see, templates are easily customizable. You can drop in your own assets, or choose photos and video clips from our Getty Images library. Replace text with your own, update the font and colors to match your brand, add your logo, and you’re good to go. And now, without further ado… on to the video ideas!

Easy Marketing Video Ideas (with Templates)

Idea #1: Tutorials

Teach potential customers a new skill and showcase your expertise with a tutorial or how-to video.

Idea #2: Seasonal Promos

Create a video to get the word out about a sale or a promo tied to a holiday, event, or current trend.

Idea #3: Lists

Capture attention on social media with an educational or entertaining list related to your industry.

Idea #4: Product Videos

Showcase a product or service with a short, punchy video. All it takes is a handful of photos and text.

Idea #5: Fun Social Videos

Give your fans a video they’ll want to share. Create a list, story, or compilation of quotes they’ll love.

Idea #6: Event Videos

Generate buzz and excitement for your next online or in-person event, or share a post-event recap.

Interested in learning more? Head over to our YouTube channel to check out our full series on Getting Started with Animoto. Happy video making!