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Ecommerce Marketing: 7 Product Video Ideas

Megan O'Neill


Looking to create product videos to boost your ecommerce business? Video is an effective tool to add to your ecommerce marketing toolkit.


In this article, we’ll explore ideas for using video to promote your product. Plus, we’ll show you how to create your first product video in minutes.

Ecommerce Product Video Ideas

Looking for product video inspiration? Here are a collection of product video ideas, complete with templates. Each of these video templates is completely customizable. Add photos of your own product, update the text, and add your logo and brand colors to make it your own.

Note: Selling on Amazon? Check out our collection of Amazon video ad templates, to help increase your sales on Amazon. In a test conducted with Amazon, Animoto videos got 3X to 4X more click throughs than Amazon ad benchmarks.

Product Intro

Share a quick introduction to your product. Grab a few product photos and add some text that focuses on the value for your customers.

Even if you’ve just got one photo to share, you can still use it to create something that’s more visually-engaging than the photo would be on its own. Our Amazon template for a Short Product Intro shows what you can do with just a couple photos of your product.

This type of video can also work well for spreading the word about your product on social media. In fact, in our 2018 survey, 93% of marketers say they’ve landed a new customer thanks to a video on social media. That’s what our Bite-sized Product Intro template was designed for.

Where to post: Product intros work well on product pages or as video ads, targeting an audience that may be interested in your product. Learn more about targeted ads on Facebook and Instagram and targeted ads on YouTube.

Product Catalog Video

Create a video that features your entire product catalog, or focus on a new collection. Check out our New Collection template for inspiration.

A video featuring your full product collection can also work nicely as a social media ad, featuring a promo. Our Product Catalog template is a nice example of this type of video.

Where to post: Try using this type of video to promote a new collection on social media. It also works well on a landing page that links out to various product pages in your collection.

Sale or Promo Video

Drive people back to your site and encourage them to buy. Promote a special sale or promo related to your product.

We’ve got a couple video templates built just for this. The first is our Seasonal Sale template. Customize it with a burst of photos of your own product and details about the sale. Update the copy to let people know they can take advantage of the deal online in your ecommerce shop.

Don’t have enough photos to create a burst for the template above? Not to worry! We’ve also got a Seasonal Promotion template with fewer images you can try. Update it using your own images, or stock from our library of Getty Images photos and video clips.

Where to post: Targeted ads are the name of the game when it comes to getting sales or promos out there. Get your ad in front of the right audience with the right message. Target existing customers, plus new customers that would be interested in your product. If you have a large social following, share info about your sale or promo to your pages organically too.

Product Testimonial

Collect all your best reviews and accolades and put them in a video to show potential customers that you’re reputable and trustworthy. Our Product Testimonial template can easily be updated with quotes from your own customers or press.

Where to post: A product testimonial is a nice tool for getting potential buyers to take the plunge when they’re making their final decision about buying. Seeing the positive experience of another customer may be just what they need to convince them to buy. Try sharing testimonials on your product page, or in ads targeting a high-intent audience.

Product How-To

Showcase your product in action. How does it work? What are all the different ways it can be used?

As you can see from our Fashion Lookbook How-To template, video can really bring a product to life. In this example, a plain white shirt becomes five complete outfits! Show how your product can be used to bring customers the most value.

Where to post: This type of video works well on YouTube, where people are searching for answers to questions you may be answering. It can also help showcase value on your business blog or social media channels.

Product Story

Share the story behind your product. Sharing a little bit of the history of a product, or showing how it’s made, can help potential buyers understand why the product is special.

Our Story of Your Product template was inspired by the following video, created by Nu-Era Bakery, a family-owned business in West Virginia. The video drove 4K Facebook shares and so many inquiries that they decided to start shipping.

The story behind your product can also serve as engaging content for Instagram Stories. Our iOS app, Animoto: Social Video Editor, includes a Behind the Scenes template that works well for telling the story of a product.


Where to post: Shareworthy stories can work well on social media. But this type of video can also work nicely on the About page of your website, or within a section of a product page about how the product is made.

Before and After Video

Last but not least, if your product is one that achieves dramatic results, a before and after video is a great sales tool. Our Before and After Video template for Amazon ads can help you get started.

Where to post: This type of video works really well on a product page. You can showcase the value of the product, rather than just a snapshot of what the packaging looks like. Depending on how wow-inducing the results are, a before and after video can work nicely on social media too.

How to Make a Product Video in 5 Steps

To show you just how easy it is to get started, we’ll break down the process of creating a product video using the Bite-sized Product Intro template we shared in the video ideas section.

Step 1: Choose a template

The first thing you’ll need to do is select a template (though there is also an option to start from scratch). As we mentioned, templates can be easily customized with your own product photos, text, logo, and brand colors.


Step 2: Add your own photos

Upload your own product photos and drag and drop to replace the sample photos in the template. In this example, we’re replacing the beard soap imagery with product shots from Nest Homeware.


Step 3: Update the text with your message

Click on the text in each block to update it with your own message. For our example, we’re changing "Introducing Beard Soap" to "Every great meal starts with good cookware," to promote our Nest Homeware products.

Step 4: Dress it up to match your brand

Finally, it’s time to ensure that your video is on brand. There are a few things you can customize so that your video matches your brand aesthetic:

  • Font: Select the font that most closely matches your brand from our collection of over 40 fonts, hand-selected by our team of designers.
  • Colors: Update font and background colors to match your brand.
  • Logo: Add a logo block to the end of your video by clicking ADD A BLOCK. You can also add a corner watermark to display your logo over your entire video.
  • Style: You can also change your video’s style. Styles define the transitions and text animations in your video. Learn more about the different styles here.

Step 5: Publish and share

Once your video is created, it’s time to publish and share it. Once you’ve published, you can share directly to social media in one click, embed the video on your website, or download it video to use it however you’d like!

Here’s the completed video we created for Nest Homeware using the Bite-sized Product Intro template!

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