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11 Easy Holiday Video Ideas for Friends and Family

Moira West


Video lets you share the holidays with friends and family—even if they can’t be with you in person. And it doesn’t take long to create a beautiful video that shows you care. Not sure what kind of video to make? We’ve got your inspiration. Take a look at 11 easy ways to celebrate the holidays with video this year.


Holiday video idea #1: Send a greeting card

Grab a few images or video clips of holiday preparations and add them to our Holiday Greeting template below. In a few minutes, you’ll have a heartwarming message you can share with family and friends on social media.

Holiday video idea #2: Say thank you

Don’t just say thank you—show the person who sent you a holiday gift how much you’re enjoying it! Snap a photo or a short video clip to show the gift in action. Then create a video with the Thank You Card template below. Email or text out your message, and you’re done!

Holiday video idea #3: Celebrate your year

The end of the year is a good time to reflect back and remember the moments that made your year so special. A year-in-review video or end-of-year recap is a simple, moving way to do just that. The template below lets you create a dynamic, fun recap using our Photo Burst block. It’s designed for sharing on social media, so you can post all your highlights where loved ones are sure to see it.

Holiday video idea #4: Share a seasonal recipe

Cooking and baking are a big part of many people’s holiday traditions. So if you have a favorite Christmas cookie or a latke recipe that can’t be beat, share it! Templates like our Trendy Social Recipe, Step by Step, and Tabletop Recipe give you simple designs that’ll help you create easy-to-follow video recipes. Set up a virtual cookie swap with friends or just include the recipe along with a batch of baked goodies.

If you’ve never made a recipe video before, check out the video below, which gives you tips for setting up those overhead shots that make tutorial videos so watchable.

Holiday video idea #5: Post a holiday quote

Need a quick video or Story idea? Put together a quote video using your own holiday images or photos from our Getty Images library of stock. For instance, the Story below was created using the Inspiring Quote template in our iOS app.

Holiday quote Story for Instagram

Our post on different ways to say happy holidays has a few expressive quotes you can use, including the ones below.

Holiday video idea #6: Send an invitation

Whether your event is virtual or in-person this year, be sure to get the word out about a holiday party or gathering. Make a video sharing all the details, and send it out in an email or as a social post. Try starting with our Holiday Event Invitation template, then personalize it, as we did below.

Holiday video idea #7: Share festive facts

Share your holiday with loved ones who can’t be there with you. You can take a favorite holiday tradition such as fruitcake or ice skating, and send out fun facts about it to keep the tradition alive -- even if only virtually. If you’re looking for a template for this type of video, our Festive Fun Facts template is a great place to start.

Holiday video idea #8: Make a video gift

A video can be a truly personal, heartfelt gift. For instance, Lisa Louise Cooke of the Genealogy Gems podcast, converted her father’s high school scrapbook into a video as a gift. The video scrapbook delighted her father, who in turn was able to share it with his old high school friends. To create your own gift, go through old photos to create a personalized gift for your recipient.

Holiday video idea #9: Remember past holidays

Another gift idea, or just a fun video to play at a party, is to create a holiday timeline. Share photos and video clips of past holidays to show how your family has changed or grown. A video, like the one below, showing children growing over several holidays would make an especially good gift for grandparents or other family members.

Holiday video idea #10: Shoot a holiday stop motion

Stop motion can add a sense of fun to a holiday greeting or recap. Read up on how you can create your own stop motion, like the ones featured in the video below, or mimic a stop motion video by taking a quick series of photos on your phone by holding down the shutter button. Then add the group of photos into a photo burst in Animoto.

You can also fake a stop motion video by choosing just one or two photos and then moving them, rotating them, or enlarging them in Animoto, like we did with the Simple Holiday Stop Motion template below.

Holiday video idea #11: Create a timelapse

Speed up video of you decorating or baking holiday goodies by shooting footage using your phone’s timelapse feature. Make sure to keep your camera still by propping it up somewhere safe. A tripod is great, but even a box or shelf can work as long as it has a good view of the action.

tree decorating

Now that you’ve got a few ideas, it’s time to create a holiday video of your own! Merry video making!