Video Ideas

Celebrate Your Passion with Video

Megan O'Neill


We’re 1 week away from our 10th birthday celebration on August 10. As you know, we’ve been counting down with 5 weeks of ideas for things you can (and should!) celebrate with video. We’ve celebrated relationships, history, summer, and communities. This week, we’re celebrating… your passion!

We couldn’t be more excited to be joined by master portrait photographer and educator Sue Bryce for this week’s video idea. Check out the video below to hear from Sue, and Animoto’s Chief Video Officer Jason Hsiao, to find out why passion deserves to be celebrated. Then read on for some tips on how to celebrate your passion with video, for work or for life.

Ideas for life

What are you passionate about? Perhaps it’s your family, your pets, a hobby, or something else. Whatever your passion is, create a video about it (and share it with us on social media using the hashtag #CelebrateWithVideo please — we’d love to see it!).

Animoto customer Shelda Botkins is passionate about Harley Davidson! She lives to ride and created this fun video showcasing her passion.

Slideshow video style: Animoto Original
**Song: “Rollercoaster (Instrumental)” by Felisha Booker, J Henry

But wait, Harleys aren’t the only thing Shelda’s passionate about. Here’s another video she created showcasing her passion for gardening.

Slideshow video style: Earth
**Song: “Take Me With You (Instrumental)” by Jesse Plater and the Alter Ego

Ideas for work

As a business owner or marketer, you’re likely passionate about what you do. Create a video that showcases this passion and shares your expertise. This example from Mighty Leaf Tea dives into the company’s passion for tea. Tea really is a way of life for the Mighty Leaf team.

Marketing video style: Hi-rise
Song: “Lhasa Love (Light Vocal)” by Suzanne Teng

Ideas for photographers

Photographers, you are likely photographing people’s passions all the time, whether it’s a passion for family, for a significant other, or a hobby. Create a video with assets from a shoot featuring a client’s passion, like this ballet shoot from Sue Bryce.

Marketing video style: Blank Slate

How will you celebrate your passion with video? Once you’ve created your video we’d love to check it out! Share it with us in our private Facebook group, the Animoto Social Video Marketing Community.