Animoto Featured at WPPI!


WPPI Animoto Testimonial

CEO Brad Jefferson and some of the most renowned pro photographers speak about how video slideshows can change your photography business.

Watch below to see how!

Video tells a story, evokes emotion and engages people on many levels thanks to words, music, visuals and movement. This magic not only applies to sharing memories, but also to businesses looking to connect to their clients. Pro photographers have been using Animoto to leverage the power of video as a tool for their business.

At WPPI 2012, Triple Scoop Music put together testimonials about using our professional grade product, Animoto Pro, and how clients’ emotional response to video jumpstarts new clients relationships and serves to upsell current customers.

Wedding and Portrait Photographers International (WPPI), one of the top photography conferences in the world for aspiring and long-established professional photographers, holds an annual spring convention in Las Vegas.

If you have considered a career in photography, WPPI is the place to experience the energy of the exciting industry. You will learn new techniques and meet photographers who have turned their dreams into businesses. You’ll have the opportunity to attend lectures by top names in the industry and interact with representatives from hundreds of vendors, including Animoto!

Check out the official WPPI film, “Change Your Life”, for an inside look at what makes WPPI a premier event in the photo industry.

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