There’s more than one way to use Animoto as a wedding photographer. In fact, with some help from our favorite wedding photographers, we’ve come up with five different ways to showcase your photos. Take a look at our list and see if you’re creating all the videos you could be.

1.   Engagement Video

An engagement video can wow clients during a sales session, and also create anticipation for the wedding itself. For instance, Mike Allebach likes to focus on a couple’s personalities when he creates his videos. It creates a connection with clients and makes for some amazingly shareable content.

For his pillow fight engagement video, he wanted “to show off how fun they can be. The couple loved the session so I surprised them with the video. The slideshow was able to capture the spirit of the session in almost real time.” It also convinced the couple to hire Mike as their wedding photographer, too.

Style: The Page Turner
Song: “Permanent Midnight” by Saucy Monkey

2.   Save-the-Date Video

A save-the-date video is often a little shorter than an engagement sales video, and therefore more shareable on social media. However, if you have a shorter engagement video, it can easily sub in for a save-the-date. (For example, Mike’s video above shows the date at the end).

3.   Same-Day Video

Jerry Ghionis thinks that the same-day video is the most important one he creates for his clients. “By far the best direct marketing that I have ever done is presenting a same day slideshow at the reception. You never have another golden opportunity to showcase your work and brand in front of the bride and groom’s family and friends, as you will at their wedding reception.”

Style: Documentary
Song: “Something’s Come Over Me” by Ernie Halter

4.   Wedding Album

After the wedding, Vanessa Joy designs a video to let clients preview album choices. These videos usually have a slower pace to give clients time to absorb all of the options available to them.

Style: Innocence
Song: “All About Your Heart” by Mindy Gledhill

5.   Marketing Video

Though wedding photographers often rely on word of mouth to generate business, a well-crafted marketing video can get a lot of attention. It also helps potential clients get a sense of who you are and what you’d be like to work with. For inspiration, take a look at Vanessa’s marketing video, or pay a visit to the Animoto Video Marketing Challenge to see videos created by other photographers and to get advice on your own videos.

Style: Modern Minimalist
Song: “Boomerang” (Instrumental) by Curious

Creating videos to complement your photography is a quick, inexpensive way to market your business, add value to your packages, and create anticipation during sales sessions. Try out one of the videos above the next time you book a wedding and get ready to wow your clients.