5 Video Marketing Tips from Photography Experts on CreativeLive

Moira West


On June 21, 2016, we’re presenting a CreativeLive class featuring some of the best photography educators in the business: Vanessa Joy, Kelly Brown, Jared Platt and Roy Ashen. To celebrate, we’ve put together a list of some of the best advice they’ve shared with us about how to use video to market your photography business. Take a look:

1. Vanessa Joy

Wedding Photographer

There’s more than one way to use video. So Vanessa regularly uses slideshows and videos in several different ways: for engagement sales sessions, for same-day slideshow at weddings, for wedding album previews, and for marketing videos. “I think every slideshow I make succeeds in setting the mood for the meeting that we have and for expanding my market reach by giving clients something easy to share.” You can find even more inspiration for your slideshows and videos in our post on wedding videos your clients will love.

Style: Modern Minimalist
Song: “Boomerang” (Instrumental) by Curious

2. Kelly Brown

Newborn Photographer

Let your clients do your marketing for you. The best publicity is good word of mouth — at least as far as Kelly is concerned. Her business is based on referrals, and one way she gets the word out about her business is through video. She creates birth announcement videos for clients, who then go on to share them with friends and family — along with Kelly’s name. Check out our post explaining exactly how she puts her beautiful birth announcements together.

Style: Classic
Song: “The Story Unfolds” by Dan Phillipson

3. Jared Platt

Wedding Photographer

Streamline your workflow. A good way to work slideshows and marketing videos into your workflow is to make it as easy as possible. For Jared, that means he “first must find the best images to tell my story.” That’s why he spends a little extra time in Adobe Lightroom, culling images so that once he transfers his images to Animoto, it only takes a few minutes to put his slideshows together. And now that you can upload images to Animoto directly from Lightroom, you can put your slideshows together even faster. Find out exactly how Jared’s able to build his beautiful slideshows quickly and efficiently in this video from CreativeLive’s Gear Day 2015.

4. Roy Ashen

Founder of Triple Scoop Music

Decide what story you want to tell — then choose music. Music brings even more emotion to a photography video, but finding the right music can be challenging. As a musician and head of Triple Scoop Music, Roy thinks he has the answer. He’s found that if he writes down three keywords that describe the story he wants to tell, it helps focus his search for music. Then he can select genres or artists that match the mood he’s trying to evoke, saving him a lot of time. Take a look at his Ignite presentation at this year’s WPPI Conference to see what he means:

5. CreativeLive

Photography Education Resource

Never stop learning. The only way to keep in top form as a photographer is to keep yourself sharp — learning new techniques and mastering the ones you already know. If you want to learn more about how to create slideshows and videos that’ll increase sales, check out Animoto’s free, exclusive CreativeLive class, “Make Video Slideshows To Impress Clients And Increase Your Sales,” featuring Vanessa, Kelly, Jared and Roy on June 21, 2016.

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