In Their Own Words: Video Marketing Challenge Success Stories

Moira West


Since launching the Animoto Video Marketing Challenge with Sue Bryce last fall, we’ve heard some amazing success stories from photographers in our Facebook group. We wanted to convey some of the excitement we’ve seen in our group members, so we’ve shared their experiences with Animoto in their own words.

It brought in clients

**Anel Lestage, Whimsy Candids Photography
Maternity, newborn and children’s photographer in Houston, Texas

“Wow! Animoto has been hands down one of the best marketing tools I have ever invested in. I just released my first slideshow, which my clients then shared on their own timelines just yesterday. I included a call-to-action button at the end that links to my website. I have received 6 inquiries since yesterday, three of which already booked (meaning payment was received). This is crazy! Thank you Animoto!”

Deborah Berard, Deborah Berard Photography
Wedding, maternity, boudoir, fashion, and underwater photographer
in Central Texas

“Using my Animoto video on the homepage of my new website. It works so wonderfully! (And I’ve already received 2 clients from it who specifically said they called solely because it was so different, and its only been up 72 hours. On our way! THANKS Animoto!!!!!)”

It got attention

Gia Goodrich, VEV Weddings
Portrait and wedding photographer in Portland, Oregon

“I’m so excited to share my first Animoto video. I photographed a destination wedding and managed to turn around images in 3 days (really listening to Sue Bryce’s advice about referrals). It’s gotten crazy shares and I’m so excited about using them more.”

It touched lives

Cindy Meisch, Cindy Meisch Photography
Portrait and family photographer in Arlington, Tennessee

“Can I just say if you’re on the fence, take the leap! I have been an Animoto client since 2010. My videos 100% upsell my products every time. I get messages from moms who say, ‘I’m up at 2 a.m. rocking the baby that wouldn’t go back to sleep, and I just watch the video over and over and cry the whole time.'”

“Or when I do a family session and we are playing towards the end and I get the kids laughter when my parents don’t know my camera is also filming. The moms say ‘Thank you! I never want to forget what that little giggle sounded like.'”

Emily Sexton, Em Grey Photography
Head shot, senior, boudoir, and lifestyle photographer
in Raleigh, North Carolina

“I want to encourage each of you to prioritize doing a behind-the-scenes video for your business. I put my whole heart out on the line in my video and it was scary. But, even more rewarding than now being fully booked with clients through the end of the year after releasing this video three weeks ago, women have been deeply encouraged.”

“Thank you, Animoto (and Sue!), for helping me to thrive in my business, but more importantly, for helping me translate my value in such an impactful way. I have received more than 40 messages from women thanking me for this video — and women I didn’t even know started sharing their stories with me through moving messages of how they needed to hear those exact words.”

It saves me time

Lydia Krumpholz, Lydia Krumpholz Foto and Design
Wedding, newborn, and family photographer in Übersee, Germany

“I have had Animoto for about a month now . . . I tried two behind-the-scenes videos, one ‘business card’ and one session sneak peek, and I got such great responses every time! I’ve made 20 videos (for sales sessions, behind the scenes, marketing) and everybody loves them. And so do I.”

“Before Animoto I needed hours for a slideshow. Now I need minutes. I really, really love Animoto!!”

Portrait Photographer, Sue Bryce and Animoto launched a series of challenges designed to encourage, inspire and motivate photographers to start marketing with video. Participants create a video a month and post it on social. This is an in-depth description of one of the 12 challenges.