Photography Video Marketing Challenge: FAQs

Moira West


What is the Animoto Video Marketing Challenge?

Created by Sue Bryce and Animoto, the Animoto Video Marketing Challenge was designed to inspire and motivate photographers with different video marketing challenges every month for 12 months (see our list of the 12 challenges below). The Challenge is paired with a Facebook Group providing a community where photographers can support each other by sharing videos, ideas and video marketing success stories.

Why should I join?

Video content is the marketing buzzword at the moment, with YouTube and Facebook competing for attention, and businesses taking advantage of this trend are reaping benefits. Photographers using video to market their business are seeing results already, and Animoto is a simple way to get started using video. We’re here to help you plan out a strategy for video marketing and support you as you create your videos. You’ll also be inspired by Animoto users and well-known pro photographers such as Sue Bryce, Kelly Brown, Vanessa Joy, Jerry Ghionis, and Felix Kunze, who often join in and post their own amazing videos.

Who can join?

The group is open to any type of photographer. We have members with all kinds of specialties, including wedding, portrait, newborn, and boudoir photographers.

What are the challenges?

There are 12 Challenges. Here’s a complete list with links to their descriptions:

How often should I post?

You can post as often as you like, though many participants have shared that the more involved they became, the more they benefited from the group. And don’t forget — you don’t have to post videos. You can also pose questions to the group or comment on other posts.

Does it have to be an Animoto video?

We think Animoto is a great way to showcase your photos, but a subscription isn’t required to participate. The group is all about helping you succeed at video marketing. Animoto hosts the group, but you can make your videos any way you like.

What kinds of things can I post?

Of course you can post marketing videos, but we also encourage questions about creating the marketing videos themselves, such as what song to use, how to incorporate video clips, or whatever’s on your mind. Moderators and the group are there to help and encourage. You can also let the group know when things go well. We love hearing your success stories!

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