Word of mouth is probably the most reliable tool a photographer has for finding new clients. One of the fastest ways to generate that word of mouth attention is through social media. We’ve discussed the best ways to post to social media sites, like Facebook and Instagram, but what types of videos get the most shares? We’ve put together a list of three types of videos that are the best for getting current and potential clients to share with friends and family.

  1. Slideshows. A simple slideshow video can have a huge impact for a photography business when clients share it on social media. Maybe that’s why photographers, like newborn photographer Erin Elizabeth, often create slideshows as gifts. Erin gives her clients a reason to show off her work to friends and family with videos like the birth announcement below, which has been viewed more than 109,000 times on Facebook.

    Style: Frameless
    Song: “Anchor” (Instrumental) by Mindy Gledhill

  2. Advice. Sometimes potential clients are just looking for some good advice. If you’ve got the answers they’re looking for, they might be impressed enough to choose you when they’re selecting a photographer. Combine good advice with a smattering of your best images, and you’ve got a helpful, shareable video that highlights your skills. That’s one way wedding photographer Vanessa Joy gets potential clients buzzing. Take a look at how she showcases her photos in her guide for preparing for an engagement shoot.

    Style: Light Panes
    Song: “All I See Is You” by Ali Handal

  3. Story. When it comes to drawing in strangers and making them take an interest in you and your business, few methods are more effective than telling a good story. Focusing on a funny or moving story can help your video get shared more than you could have ever expected. Children’s photographer Tamara Lackey uses story to promote her charity, Beautiful Together, and its work in the Ethiopian village of Korah. Last October, her video reached more than 10,000 people on Facebook.

    Style: Documentary
    Song: “Amazing Grace” by Faith Riviera

How are you using video to generate word of mouth for your photography business? Let us know in the comments below, or reach out on Twitter or Facebook by tagging @Animoto.