When Vanessa Joy appeared at the Wedding School’s Style Summit, she started by saying, “I could be the best photographer in the world and not be able to put food on the table because I don’t know how to market.”

Fortunately for Vanessa, she’s an expert at marketing, and fortunately for us, she has a knack for explaining her methods. At the Style Summit, she shared the five types of videos she uses in her wedding photography business to help drive sales and get her business the attention it needs to thrive. We’ve put together a list of those five videos and some tips for what works in each type from her presentation. Check out the whole class on the Wedding School’s website.

  1. Video business card. “The play button is the most compelling action on the web.” Vanessa shared, adding that video is the way to get attention online. A video business card is not just a more modern paper business card — it also offers a great way to express more than just your name and phone number. It sets a tone, showing your audience what kind of photographer you are and what clients can expect from you. Vanessa’s own video business card is sophisticated and timeless — two qualities that are hallmarks of her photography.

    Style: Glamour

  2. How-to Video. Clients often need a little guidance to prepare for sessions or to feel comfortable with you as a photographer. A how-to video can help with this. For instance, Vanessa gives clients a short video to help them prep for engagements sessions. She shared that the video keeps her couples’ attention, meaning they get important information they might skip in a written message.

    Style: Light Panes
    Song: “All I See Is You” by Ali Handal

  3. Engagement slideshow video. When showing engagement photos, Vanessa noticed the grooms often checked out during the sales session. To combat that, especially when she was showing couples their photos remotely, she started making engagement videos, which she noticed kept the grooms interested. To keep them focused, though, she recommends that videos be kept only about a minute long.

    Style: Innocence

  4. Wedding slideshow video. When it comes to weddings, Vanessa works fast. She has a same-day slideshow process that constantly amazes clients on the day of the wedding, and leads to referrals from friends and family after the big day. But she also uses those slideshows to get social media shares as well, by showing people rather than detail shots. As she put it, people love to see pictures of themselves, and will share when they do.

    Style: Modern Minimalist
    Song: “Maybe” by Sparrow

  5. Album slideshow video. As Vanessa pointed out, most couples don’t know what they want their wedding album to look like. With thousands of photos and a nearly infinite set of possibilities for album layouts, the design process can be overwhelming for clients. A video illustrating what an album can look like streamlines the process and makes it easier for couples to choose.

    Style: Innocence
    Song: “All About Your Heart” by Mindy Gledhill

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