Wedding photographers traditionally use a same-day edit to produce a slideshow video that will be shown at the reception. That video shows photographs of wedding preparation, the ceremony, and post-ceremony activities. But for efficient photographers with the right workflow, it’s possible to wow clients (and their guests) on the day of the reception.

Celebrated wedding photographer Vanessa Joy has her own system that gets people talking and inquiries rolling in. Vanessa provides clients with a same-day album and an Animoto video, posts to Facebook and her blog, creates a client online gallery, submits photos for publication, and obtains her second photographer’s photos all on the day of the wedding.

Her speed in supplying deliverables blows away clients and weddings guests and brings in referrals. Take a look at her CreativeLive class explaining her 8-point plan for a same-day edit and how her workflow helps with her incredible turnaround time.

Here are Vanessa’s top tips for quickly creating Animoto videos with impact:

Work Animoto into your same-day edit and create your own wedding video using The Page Turner, the style Vanessa co-designed with Animoto.