Tips from the Pros: How to Upsell Clients with Video



Over the years, we’ve written here about a variety of pricing, sales, and marketing techniques from our Pro users.

For your convenience, here’s a roundup of some of the best ways to use Animoto to increase photography sales:

1. In-person photo reveals

“I do in-person image reveals for my clients; the first time they see any of their images is with me and with an Animoto video. This is perfect for my business because it allows me to connect again with my clients in a personal way…The best part of the video reveal is the emotion that it evokes in my clients. They  remember the emotions they had at the session, playing and interacting with their family and best of all they see their beautiful images in a professional video.”

“I find that an Animoto video is a great way to lead into an album sale. I arrange my photos to tell a story, just like I would in an album….I try to appeal to as many senses as possible, and having my clients see their images for the first time using video set to music, while they sit next to each other maybe holding hands, gives them the ability to truly experience the emotion in the images.”

“There is a huge difference between presenting your client’s their session images by simply giving them an online gallery to browse through versus showcasing them in a slide show with emotive music. Most of my sales are conducted in person, and 99% of the time, my clients are in tears, because they are so moved by the slideshow that I have presented them with.”

2. To upsell clients

Wedding photographer Vanessa Joy is able to pay for a year of Animoto Pro with one video sale!  She shoots video in addition to still photos, and sells the resultant fusion pieces to her clients.

3. To gain new prospects via word-of-mouth and social media marketing

“For moms and new babies, we use Animoto for the web, showing images from the maternity or baby session, or the two combined. Moms are encouraged to email these out to their friends and family, post on their family blogs and share on Facebook.”

Anthony Vazquez recalls, “About three years ago, we weren’t creating an Animoto video for everyone, but I decided to create one for a bride named Alexandra. In just a week, and without the help of social media, just from her friends and family alone, the video had 1,000 views. That’s when I started creating videos for everyone.”

Whether you use one of these tried and true methods or you do something completely different, it’s important to get creative and make Animoto work for your brand!