The text in your video informs your audience, explains your product, and helps you tell your story. But are you using that text in the most effective way? Take a look at our tips for using text to make your marketing videos stand out.

1. Add text to video clips. Sometimes it’s easier to tell your story with video clips, and adding text can help clarify or elevate your footage. That’s why we’ve rolled the ability to add text over video clips into our new Marketing Video Builder. The text in portrait photographer Sue Bryce’s video below turns her simple video into something poetic and full of meaning.
Marketing Video Style: Blank Slate

2. Space out. You don’t want your images competing with your text, so when you add text to your videos, choose either photos with lots of blank space, or a Marketing Video Builder style like Blank Slate that lets you add text next to vertical photos. Pet photographer Kristie Lee does both in her video below, creating an advertisement that gives both her text and her images room to shine.
Marketing Video Style: Blank Slate
Song: “Brumble Beat” by Mugsy

3. Go big. Most videos designed for social media are viewed on a mobile device. That means, if you want your audience to see your text, it has to be big enough to be viewed on a phone. Portrait photographer Jeremy Ellsworth keeps the text in his video big and bold so his audience gets his message, no matter what device they’re using to view it. Whenever you make a new video, watch it on your phone to see how it looks.
Marketing Video Style: Bold

4. Match your brand. Choose colors and font styles that echo those in your logo and other printed materials to give your audience visual reminders that help them connect with and remember your business. Vanessa Joy’s video uses the same soft tones found on her wedding photography website and in her logo to help reinforce her brand in her video.
Marketing Video Style: Blank Slate
Song: “Counting on You” (Instrumental) by Mikey Wax

5. Keep it short. The more time your audience reads, the less time they’re spending looking at your photos, so use text to highlight key information rather than tell a complete story. Rachael Dowling of Elegant Exposure Photography created her video with short, 2-3 word phrases, using her text to inform her audience and her photos and video clips to convince them to book.
Marketing Video Style: Bold
Song: “Shake This Party Up” by Curious

Good text can elevate your marketing video and give it the polish and style that help sell your business. Try our tips and see how much easier it is for your clients to find the information they need and make the connection to your business that you want them to.


5 Tips for Using Text in Your Marketing Videos