Pro Photography Tips: Phone Photography

Becky Brooks


It’s no surprise that pro photographers take striking images with their smartphones and their DSLR cameras.

iphone photography

Here are some tips on creating the best photos possible for your video slideshows with your iPhone.

Kenna Klosterman, pro photographer and community manager of creativeLIVE

  1. Hold & Release: Are your images often a tiny bit blurry because of camera shake? Instead of clicking on the camera icon/button to snap a photo, hold the camera icon/button down for a second or two while it focuses, then release to get the capture. Less risk of shake!
  2. Crop vs. Zoom: While tempted to zoom with my iPhone, I’ve learned the image quality can be better if I crop my images after the capture. Even better than cropping, move your feet and GET CLOSE to your subject!
  3. Look for the Light: No matter what type of camera you’re using, look for beautiful creative light sources to highlight your subject.

Sally Sargood, Australian photographer and world traveler

  1. If you see it, and you love it…shoot it! That’s the best part of shooting with your phone… you always have it with you!
  2. Use your photography skills even more so when shooting with a phone than a camera. Great light and compostition will be what sets your pics apart from others.
  3. Shoot at street level and let your images tell a story or set the scene.

Jack Hollingsworth, photography and social media guru

  1. Shoot first. Edit later. Shooting and editing are two different parts of the brain. Shooting involves the creative, intuitive part and editing involves the analytical, comparative part. I personally like to shoot first then go back to my photos to edit later.
  2. It’s hip to be square: Thanks to popular apps like Hipstamatic and Instagram, it’s important that you learn to crop square. In other words, shoot images that are loose and will crop better to a square format
  3. Lipstick on a pig: As my good friend Richard Koci Hernandez says, “applying random filters to bad photos won’t make good photos.” Start with great photography.

Jeff Rodgers pro photographer and educator

  1. Turn off the flash.
  2. If shooting for a square format (Instagram) shoot horizontally so you know that the top of your subjects head does not get cut off when cropping square.
  3. When trying to shoot extreme close-ups of an object, meter on your hand up close and lock and hold the focus. Then you can move over to the subject and take the picture.

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