Tips for Making an Effective End-of-Year Video for Your Photography Business

Moira West


Around the holidays, we start to consider the year that’s ending and all the important events that made it special. That’s true of businesses as well as individuals. But when you own a photography business, a look back on your year, and the photographs you’ve crafted, can help remind clients of your work (and maybe encourage them to come back to you or refer friends to you in the new year).

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Alycia Alvarez’s video above recaps some of the highlights of her year. It also thanks her clients for their business, while showcasing her best work, enticing old and new customers while she’s at it.

To make an end-of-year video that’s as effective as Alycia’s, try a few of these strategies:

  • Use collages. Add more images without stretching out your video length by sprinkling a few collages throughout your video.
  • Have a message. Text can have a purpose beyond saying thank you — give clients a subtle call to action, too. By highlighting how important family portraits are, Alycia reminds her clients of the significance of preserving family history and may reach other potential clients who’ve been putting off getting those family photos.
  • Curate your video. Resist the urge to show too many photos (even though you love them all!). Choose enough favorites to fill a video that’s under a minute and your audience will see more of your video.
  • Share with clients. Get your video seen by sharing it on social media. Tag customers who appear in it, so you’ll show up in the feeds of their friends and families who might need your services, too.
  • Make yourself searchable. Don’t forget to add hashtags on social media (especially ones that specify your business and your location) to expand that reach even further.

Are you planning to make an end-of-year video? Once you have, we’d love to see it! Post a link in the comments below, or share it with us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram by using hashtag #MyAnimoto.