Photographer Sue Bryce’s No-Fear Video Marketing Advice

Moira West


“We’re creators, we’re photographers . . . why would you tell someone what you do?”

That’s what photographer Sue Bryce had to tell the This Week in Photo podcast. She and Animoto’s Customer Owner of Photography, Sally Sargood, sat down with the podcast to discuss the importance of video to a photographer’s marketing strategy. They had some great advice on how to get started marketing with video, why you should be doing it, and why there’s no need to be afraid. Take a look at what Sue and Sally had to say:

Some highlights from the interview:

How to get seen

Sue said, “We’re not in a digital generation — we’re in a now generation. If I want to watch something, I want to watch it quickly, and I want to watch it now . . . Just give it to me now, and I’ll watch it.”

Where to get seen

Sally and Sue pointed out that YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world – if you don’t have video, you’re missing out on the opportunity to be discovered. Sue also said that Pinterest pins are shared even more often than YouTube links. You need video in your marketing strategy or you’ll get left behind.

How to get your video ready

Sally listed three reasons why Animoto makes video marketing a breeze:

  1. Quick and easy interface reduces the time you spend editing videos
  2. Pre-licensed music means you don’t have to spend money on song licenses
  3. Video styles are designed for and by photographers to highlight images

Why you shouldn’t be afraid

Sue said, “Just no excuses. You’ve got to get out there . . . Sometimes we don’t think we look good enough; sometimes we don’t think we sound good enough. But you are good enough. You’re good enough to share a service to the world of what you do. And if that is creating beautiful images, don’t be afraid of that! Just put it out there.”

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