Sue Bryce and Animoto Share the Importance of Video at WPPI

Moira West


As a photographer, you can stop a dancer, mid-step and preserve that moment forever. But in the video she created for Animoto’s WPPI booth, portrait photographer Sue Bryce suggests that photographers should “fall in love with the power of movement” and create videos for their business, combining their still images with video clips to illustrate the artistry that goes into making a still image come to life.

We believe that the power of video as a marketing tool for photographers is so important right now, and we wanted that idea to jump out at the photographers attending WPPI. So, along with wedding photographer Jerry Ghionis, Sue worked with us to create a materials for our WPPI booth. These two extraordinary photographers created a stunning series of images as well as beautiful slideshows and behind-the-scenes videos to capture the attention of photographers and demonstrate the power of video.

Sue Bryce

As video becomes more and more necessary as a marketing tool for photographers, Sue has found she’s ready to meet the challenge of creating portraits with movement, in addition to her still artistic portraits. In fact, the two work together to create one stunning vision using Animoto.

Find out more about how you can make your own stunning video slideshows, like the one Sue shared above, by taking a look at her Video Basics series on our blog. Or share your own video masterpieces with us on the Animoto Social Video Marketing Community.