How to Make Same-Day Wedding Slideshows

Moira West


The moment digital cameras arrived on the market, wedding photographer Jerry Ghionis knew what he wanted to do with them. He loved creating slideshows for his clients, but those slideshows could take days to produce. With a digital camera, that all changed. “My dream was to have immediate impact and show my photographs on the same day as the wedding.”

To do that, he’d create a same-day slideshow, and when he spoke at our Book More Brides event, he shared that he’s still in love with this idea, calling it, “the best marketing you’ll ever, ever do.” Take a look at Jerry’s talk, and then read on for his tips for creating your own same-day slideshow

  1. Make your same-day slideshow an incentive. According to Jerry, same-day slideshows are the only form of marketing you get paid to create. “What I do is I include the same-day slideshow in the highest collection, so it’s an incentive to book you for your highest collection.”
  2. Don’t promise a specific time for your slideshow. Jerry suggests you ask clients, “What time of day would you like to do the same-day slideshow?” rather than committing to an exact time. Though for the biggest emotional impact, he likes to present his slideshow after the groom’s speech.
  3. Have your equipment ready. A big part of a successful same-day slideshow is preparation. Here’s Jerry’s list of what you’ll need, along with some brand recommendations:
How to Make Same-Day Wedding Slideshows
  1. Curate your images. Choose the best images from each section of the wedding to keep your slideshow to a good length. Jerry keeps his videos to about 100 images, or less than 10 minutes long. Then he just uploads all his photos to Animoto, choosing a slideshow video style and a song from our Triple Scoop Music library to quickly create his slideshow video.
  2. Have business cards ready. “If you go to a wedding, there are so many couples who are engaged or boyfriend, girlfriend, and because somebody’s getting married — a friend, a relative, or a cousin — it becomes real for them.” So when that moment occurs, it helps to have a business card available for couples realizing for the first time they may just need a wedding photographer in the near future.
  3. Make your same-day slideshow available after the wedding. Impress your wedding couple by handing them USBs of the slideshow before the end of the wedding. Then keep your name in wedding guests’ minds by posting your same-day slideshow on your website. It’ll catch guests while they’re still thinking of and excited about the wedding they just attended, and create a strong impression for potential clients.
  4. Follow up with an album slideshow. Though couples love their wedding album, it’s impractical for them to show it to every guest at a wedding. So one way to go above and beyond after the wedding is to provide a USB with a second slideshow featuring the couple’s album layout. Couples can then share their album with loved ones without inviting them all over to view the physical album.

Want more advice for using Animoto slideshows and videos in your wedding photography business? Check out the full Book More Brides event on our Facebook page.