Rob Provencher: Tips for Making Great Marketing Videos

Becky Brooks


We interview professional photographer Rob Provencher on storytelling and emotional selling when making videos with Animoto.

Rob Provencher Photography Business

Rob Provencher has owned Westmount Studio in Ontario, Canada with his wife, Tina, for over 25 years. He also owns a photography forum, No BS Photo Success, where he teaches fellow photographers how to take better pictures and how to become successful business owners.

How have you incorporated Animoto into your business?

We use Animoto for many of our slide shows when clients see the image for the first time. Primarily, this would be any location session – engagements on location, families on location, fairy session in studio, seniors, weddings and anytime we do a volunteer with one of the affiliates we work with in our city, such as United Way. The sessions used with Animoto must be images that have a lot of “story’ inherent. That is KEY!

Do you find using Animoto increases sales, gain buzz for your studio or both? If so, how were you able to get those results with Animoto

Yes, it involves the client and pulls them into the emotional state we want them in. It adds impact to the images and starts the selling session on the right track- often with tears. Good images, combined with the cool, smooth effects and music in Animoto work together to make this happen.

You teach marketing both on your NOBS Forum and other avenues. What marketing tips can you give to Animoto users so that they’re leveraging the tool to its maximum potential?

As mentioned, use Animoto with images that tell a story. For example, when we have “Fairy Day,” all the fairy sessions are created into a slide show with suitable music. When the client arrives, we sit them down, and tell them to relax, enjoy the show, and not worry about choosing right away. Again, it’s the initial impact. Such a powerful word, yet it’s what creates momentum in sales……without it, you’re pushing a car uphill with a rope. The Animoto ‘look and feel’ just works. I don’t know what it is, but it does!

Also, we rely heavily on the Animoto shows for social media such as blogging and Facebook. We get so much exposure and often create a huge buzz with these slide shows, and everyone thinks we spent so much time, when in fact, it takes very little. We also started using quick little videos, especially for weddings and engagement sessions.

I should also mention that many clients ask how they buy the slide show. Since we have the Pro membership and unlimited high res downloads, we can create a video file, or DVD for our clients. Of course we don’t go giving slide shows away. We use them as incentive. Sometimes when they buy a certain package, the show is included, or, if they purchase a minimum amount, they then receive it as gift. Again, it’s a gift incentive.

You make TONS of Animoto videos. How have you made it part of your workflow so that making videos is as easy and simple as possible?

When I create an Animoto slide show, I size the files down to 14 inches at 72 DPI. This is plenty big for any size show or DVD. It saves times, and I’ve created a Photoshop action specifically for this purpose. I can have a slide show loaded and rendered often within an hour…..I use the same images that have been edited down as part of the final images the client will see.

Use Rob’s tips to make your own great marketing video!