Pro Photographer Anthony Vazquez’s Ad: Behind the Scenes

Becky Brooks


Enjoy the making of Anthony’s Animoto Pro ad without a fraction of the frigid cold or frost bite.

Anthony is awesome. He shoots big-time celebrity weddings, but is super down-to-Earth. He runs a successful time-consuming NYC wedding photography business, and spends his downtime teaching photographers how to improve their craft and business. He is a wedding photographer, yet shoots in a very editorial/fashion style.

Also, if you friend Anthony on Facebook, Fan his ClickNation workshops or follow him on Twitter, you’ll see he makes a lot of Animoto videos. (Arguably more than the employees of Animoto do. Combined.)

Luckily for us, we not only have such a fun-loving, talented photographer using our product, but he’s right around the corner from us in Manhattan. I tagged along Anthony and his crew on a very finger-numbing, someone-please-remind-me-again-why-I-live-in-the-Northeast winter day to shoot his killer Animoto Pro ad. Enjoy!


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