Pro Photographer Tamara Lackey Talks About Photographing Kids [Part Two]

Becky Brooks

Tamara Lackey Video and Photo Tips

Childhood passes so quickly and it’s really easy to forget the little things-Tamara Lackey has tips on capturing the moment.

Pro photographer Tamara Lackey knows first-hand all the components of taking great family pictures to record those precious moments. She shares her insights with parents so that they can take better pictures of their kids as well.

That’s why Tamara Lackey is on a campaign to help parents grab those memories and keep them with photos and video. In part one of this interview with our co-founder (and new father) Jason Hsiao, she talked about what moments to be aware of so you can get lots of good photos and video. Today, Tamara offers tips for making video scrapbooks you’ll treasure forever.

“When you are photographing children, you are usually being more photojournalistic – which means you are stepping back an observing and capturing what you see,” Tamara explains. “Other times we step forward and interact and that’s when we are doing a portrait.

“One of the biggest things I would like everyone to stop doing right now is having their child say, ‘cheese’!” she says, laughing. “The child then has a pre-conditioned response.” Instead she wants us to focus on capturing our kids as they are with all their expressions.

“Kids become very lens aware,” she explains. “I often move the camera away from my face and tickle and play, you get different looks.” She suggests you might want to move away from your kids and shoot from far away to get the kids expressing themselves in the moment.”

“I encourage people to grab short video clips,” adds Jason. “It makes you feel like you are there in the moment – it’s special to see them in action.” He points out family members who aren’t close may not know what the kids sound like or how they giggle.”

“Yes,” Tamara adds wistfully, “including video that has my child’s voice is so important. I can hear that voice across a store – but it changes so quickly.”

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