Pro Photographer Tamara Lackey Talks About Photographing Kids [Part One]

Becky Brooks


The Lackey Family

School is a great time to capture moments before they slip away.

Pro photographer Tamara Lackey has had ample experience photographing both her own kids and those of her clients. She shares her insights with us today.

In our interview with Tamara Lackey, a mom, business owner, author and professional photographer, offers a unique perspective on this special time. This busy mother of three talked with our co-founder and President Jason Hsiao about the challenges parents face trying to balance everything with also preserving the details of their children’s lives.

“There are a lot of opportunities to capture what they are like at school but also what they are doing around school and after school,” Tamara explains. “There’s Girl Scouts and soccer and the chess club and the running club!” All these events make great opportunities to take photos and video to share with the family and with your child.

“My kids are 10, 8 and just turned 7,” she smiles. “When I think back I remember my teachers, but I don’t remember what they really looked like. Now I make a point to take pictures of my kids with their teachers.

“Then, it’s really important to share them,” she continues. “Both sets of grandparents live in another state – so putting together a let’s them be part of something that they know is very important to their grandkids.

“Making these videos and sharing them with my kids let’s them have ‘their moments’. It becomes something that is more of a gift than I would have expected it to be.

“The idea that I can make an [Animoto] video that quickly is really stunning to me. It’s pretty amazing,” Tamara says grinning.

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