Julie Klaasmeyer, Baby & Children Pro Photographer, On Using Video Marketing in Social Media

Becky Brooks


We interview Julie Klaasmeyer about social media, Animoto’s new video style, and how she stays ahead of the pack.

Julie Klaasmeyer

Julie Klaasmeyer is an incredibly talented and successful photographer from Paola, Kansas. She started her photography business in 2001 and has since added a 1,200 square foot studio to her home and grown the staff to four employees.

When she isn’t shooting, Julie is running her accessories, template, and prop business Design Revolution so she knows a thing or two about developing a distinctive style that will attract a loyal following.

The area in which you live, Paolo, Kansas, is incredibly saturated with competition from fellow pro-shooters. How have you managed to thrive in such a competitive environment?

Actually, I don’t draw as many clients from my immediate area as I do from further areas which are closer to Kansas City. There are way too many, “I have this friend… with a camera” minded people in our area. We realize that those are not our clients, we want to attract the client who sees the value in our art and can see the difference between a professional and their friend.

Your company, Design Revolution, sells props that photographers can incorporate into a session. How do the props you choose for a client help inform you on the direction of the shoot?

Most of our items incorporate my personal taste and style, which is why I love “accessorizing” my portrait sessions. The items tend to blend well with my backgrounds and sets, as well as some of my artwork styles that we apply to our images. We have everything from sweet and vintage to little rocker baby items so once I get a mood or direction from the client I can easily choose from so many coordinating items.

Having a diverse clientele – ranging from babies, to seniors to families – have you been able to incorporate Animoto’s “Elegance Collection” with your clientele? If so, what’s the reaction been like?

People love the animoto videos and the new elegance collection is perfect for those “more tender, sweet” sessions. Again, keeping with the style is so important in your studios image.

How have you been able to incorporate Animoto into your business? Animoto has made our shows so much more classy.

The video really tidies up the workflow in the salesroom and ties right into the client experience. With just a simple upload and selecting a few options, Animoto makes us look really good.

You have a strong online presence – with a Facebook, Twitter and blog. How does social media play into your overall marketing strategy?

Social media is so strong right now and we have by no means tackled it but you’re right…we try to keep a strong presence in those communities. We get so much attention when we post an Animoto video or images on these sites, which in turn sends new clients our way.

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