Pro Photographer Spotlight: Jeffrey Fong Interview

Colyn Montgomery


We interview Jeffrey Fong about his studio’s use and pricing of Animoto videos.

Jeffrey Fong Photography is the husband and wife team of Jeffrey and Denise Fong. They pride themselves in capturing weddings in a unique and creative photojournalistic style, capturing not only formal, but also comprehensive coverage of a ceremony and reception. Jeffrey and Denise are constantly looking for those “candid” shots that will make an album especially memorable.

How long have you been a photographer?

I’m starting my 15th year in business.

You re-sell Animoto videos to clients. What is the price range you re-sell them for? What’s the most you’ve re-sold a video for?

$299 is my list price. Videos can be purchased for as low as $200 if clients take advantage of my special offers.

I’ve sold multiples copies of a video to one client for $1,500. I’m pretty sure that he would’ve paid more.

What is your client’s reaction to the videos?

Without exception, the client’s reaction is very positive. Most of my clients have not seen anything like an Animoto video.

Jeffrey Fong

What we as photographers need to understand is that we create beautiful images for our clients at a particular moment in time. This moment will never happen again, at least not under identical conditions. So when you combine beautiful imagery with an Animoto video, you are creating a very powerful, very unique experience that can emotionally overwhelm the client.

My clients are impressed with the cutting-edge technology, combining the images and video using perfectly-timed transitions to the music. These videos take a client’s enjoyment of their images to a completely new level.

Would you say that Animoto pretty much pays for itself in terms of obtaining new clients and getting add-on sales?

Absolutely! One thing that many photographers look at when considering purchasing a product or service is “How much money is this going to cost?”. Perhaps a better way to look at something like Animoto is “How much money is this going to make?”. With the pricing options that Animoto offers, there really is no reason why someone wouldn’t try their service. Animoto should definitely be part of your arsenal if you want to obtain new clients and increase sales.

Did you make slideshows before Animoto? If not, what has adding slideshow videos done for your business?

Yes, many years ago, I used Proshow Producer. This program is amazing as far as what you can do with it to create slideshows for your clients. Having said that, for me personally, I found that I was using it less and less because of the learning curve it took me to fully understand the fine nuances of the Producer program. Furthermore, like a lot of other photographers, I found that I could spend way too much time tweaking and perfecting my slideshow. This was a time waster as far as I was concerned.

Jeffrey Fong Outdoor Wedding

I was spending enough time in front of the computer and I did not want to add to it, so I started looking for alternatives. My search brought me to another company that produces slideshows. From a time and price standpoint, I felt that this was a big improvement over creating slideshows myself.

Then, a friend of mine introduced me to Animoto. I couldn’t believe how much better it was over my former source. What I believe you sell with slideshows is an experience for the client. The experience that Animoto provides over the competition, in my opinion, is superior in every way.

How have you been able to incorporate Animoto in your outbound marketing?

I use Animoto videos in a couple ways. When I am talking with a prospective bride about her wedding, I may e-mail her an Animoto video to show her a sample of my work as well as what I could do with her images. This is a definite advantage over just looking at photos on a website. I know this has helped me book more weddings. It’s very simple, but effective.


I also use Animoto videos with my high school seniors. It’s so easy to take photos and video during the photo session and create a cutting-edge video that really impresses today’s high school senior. This is the first thing that I show them when we meet for their proofing and ordering session. It really starts your meeting off on a high note before you begin reviewing the images one at a time. During the meeting, I tell the client how much the video would cost, but then I also tell them that I will include the video as a bonus with a qualifying order. Most of the time, the qualifying order is met and the high school senior gets the video. What do they do with it? They put it on their Facebook, of course, for all their friends to see. Be sure to add the appropriate branding in the video so that people will know who the photographer was and how they can reach you.

I continue to test other ideas to see what works and what doesn’t. This is part of the fun of working with Animoto videos.

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