Fast and Easy Post-Production Photography Workflow

Kevin Kubota


This post was written by Kevin Kubota, a photographer and the photography educator/tech guru who heads up Kubota Imaging Tools. You can find more of Kevin’s insights on photography workflow on his blog,

Senior (graduates) photography is just dang fun. The youngsters are full of energy and eager to express who they are, and who they’re becoming. But since most of my clients view and share their images online primarily, I try to add alternate ways to show the images beyond the printed piece in my workflow.


The session I used in this post was extra special because it was for my niece, Sierra. She had stopped through Bend, Oregon on a road trip from Washington to Vegas for a dance competition. She’s serious about her dancing and the training shows in her elegance.

After culling in Lightroom, I apply presets to get the looks I want for this particular session. I generally try to keep a consistent look throughout a session, but each session may use a different set of presets.

I used the Animoto plugin for Lightroom to export them to my Animoto account, saving me time to getting them into a slideshow. The plugin is very simple and automatically sizes and uploads appropriate images to your account – ready for customization and rendering. Animoto is simply amazing. I’ve been a fan for years and it never ceases to amaze me how easy and effective it is to have a cool slideshow that I can share. To use the plugin, you simply select the images you want, then export them using the Animoto export option. As soon as the images are prepared, your browser opens to your login page where you can jump in and start customizing the slide show style, music, text, logo, etc.

Lightroom Export

Because Sierra lives in another state, we didn’t have a chance to show her the finished images in our studio, as we typically would, so utilizing fun online sharing tools was extra beneficial.

Lastly, I uploaded the full collection of her finished images to my SmugMug account for her to browse and order from. In her gallery, I can also upload the Animoto video, since SmugMug hosts those types of files as well. Animoto has a simple link from their site to upload videos direct to your Smugmug account. Easy peasy.

Animoto SmugMug

As photographers, our workflow has evolved quite a bit over the past few years. It’s now so much faster and easier to process jobs and get the images out there to clients and friends. As much as I love making big, beautiful prints and albums for my clients, I also have to accept that most of us (including my family) love to share and view images online in some form. We have to embrace this new paradigm and make sure we’re taking advantage of all the cool technology we have available to share the love.