How to Create Portrait Slideshows with Fashion-Magazine Flair

Moira West

Heike Delmore

Wedding and portrait photographer Heike Delmore’s first Animoto video looks like a fashion spread come to life. The photos are beautiful, of course, but the magazine-ready design gives her slideshow something special, creating a look that’s stylish and unique.

Style: Proof Sheet
Song: “Sunrise” by Alice Hive

Here’s what she had to say about creating the video’s distinctive look:

Her inspiration

Heike told us that she’s always loved fashion magazines. Even as a young girl, she’d pour over the pages of Vogue, inspired by the couture and the composition of the pages. She uses that same visual style in a lot of her portrait work, and extended the aesthetic to her Animoto video as well.

“You know, when you open a fashion magazine and you see a spread — maybe with a sequence of the model smiling, then not smiling, then screaming, then jumping? I tried to put the photos together in a series in Photoshop — just two of them or three or four together like that.” She then uploaded the sets of photos, rather than uploading individual images, to get the exact layout she wanted.

Heike Delmore

Next, Heike selected the Proof Sheet style, which she thought “looks almost like a contact sheet that a model would get after a photoshoot.” The combination created a dynamic video that her client absolutely loved. “She had come in and chosen her images, and I told her I was going to put some of them online. Then I made the video, and she was blown away.”

Marketing on multiple platforms

Heike decided to share the video on multiple platforms — it appeared on her Facebook page, and she shared it on Twitter and uploaded it to Vimeo as well. She also created a shorter version of the video for Instagram, using a different style and choosing just a few images to meet the 15-second limit. The new video only took a few minutes to put together since Heike was able to copy and quickly edit her original video in Animoto.

A video posted by heikedelmore (@heikedelmore) on Nov 25, 2015 at 9:11am PST

The response

With more than 3,700 views on Facebook, Heike’s video has undoubtedly gotten her attention. “I had so many new inquiries, actually, to book. So it not only made my client super happy, but I had an influx of inquiries of people wanting to do similar shoots.” Heike thinks it may be that people are more willing to sit and watch a video (and more likely to remember it afterwards) versus just looking at still images.

So she’s looking forward to creating more videos with Animoto, even though she doesn’t have a lot of free time, with a new baby and a booming photography business. She shared when it’s easy to create a video, she can fit in the time to put together her video slideshows. “I didn’t need to learn new editing software to do this, and it came out really shiny and polished, and I was really impressed.”

If you’re looking to create that contact-sheet look Heike achieved in her video, try grouping your photos and then adding them to the Proof Sheet style she used. Then show us your slideshow on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, #Animoto.