Pro Photographer’s Guide to Pinterest


Animoto Guide to Pinterest

Pro Photographers tell us that marketing is one of their biggest challenges.

Pinterest is a great, free way to share your work and connect with potential customers. Here’s how to do it.

Pinterest is a virtual bulletin board that lets you share and organize anything you find on the web. You create boards by grouping things by interest or topic. Similar to Twitter, people can follow you on Pinterest, view your boards and rePin your posts. You can browse other boards for inspiration, Since Pinterest is based on visual content, this is a great resource for you to market your skills!

1. Create very specific boards.

Pinterest allows you to get very niche. So, don’t just create a “Family Photography” board. Rather, create “Outdoor Family Photography: Fall” or “Christmas 2012 Family Photography” and so on. Get specific.

2. Pin your Animoto videos.

You want your studio to seem as multimedia and dynamic as the big name brands people justify spending money on. Create an unbranded Animoto video around your big campaign pushes and pin them.

If you posted to Pinterest using our “Pin It” button, they will be directed to your website when watching your video. Also, be sure to pick a great cover image in “Advanced Settings” when creating an Animoto video because that’s the visual that will get shared on Pinterest.

If you have branded videos that don’t have the “Pin It” option, there are many tools available to let you Pin when “no image” is available. We use Shot Pin on Google Chrome. You can search for others.

3. Socialize it.

We recommend tweeting when you Pin something. Make the post tweet-worthy and then share it on Facebook or Twitter. Similarly, start looking at others’ boards and re-pin and tweet good content. It will attract people to your boards and increase your reach. Follow people on Pinterest and be sure to follow people back when they like (rePin) anything you post.

4. Encourage your past customers to follow you on Pinterest.

Word of mouth is every photographer’s best friend. Encourage your past clients to follow you on Pinterest in a newsletter or on Facebook or Twitter. When you Pin your work to Pinterest, they will be very likely to RePin it (in fact, 80% of Pins on Pinterest or RePins). This will help amplify your message and get your brand in front of qualified buyers.

Follow us on Pinterest! We follow-back and rePin (and tweet!) as well.