Photographers Ignite Presents Photography Education in 5 Minutes or Less

Moira West


Now that it’s April, we’re starting to miss the excitement and education of WPPI. That’s why we were so excited that Kevin Kubota’s Photographers Ignite decided to post videos of its WPPI event online to help us keep on learning.

Photographers Ignite

Every year, Ignite strives to find presenters who can share a different perspective on the business. With talks from a dozen speakers, Ignite presents a wide-ranging and fascinating assortment of photography education. Each speaker begins with a 15-20 second Animoto video introduction, followed by a brisk 5-minute talk about whatever topic they chose. We pulled a few of our favorite talks to share with you, though all 12 talks are available on the Photographers Ignite website.

  • Photographer Tamara Lackey shared how she’s using her photography and desire to do good to help children in need with her talk “How Much You Don’t Need to Know to Change the World.”

  • Triple Scoop Music’s Roy Ashen and Ali Handal came to the stage with guitars at the ready to help explore how to find the right music for your photography with their talk “What Does your Story Sound Like?”

  • Andrew Funderberg from Fundy Design shared a photo of his great-uncle dating back to World War I to underscore the idea that printed photographs are a “bridge between generations” in his talk “The Power of Story.”

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