Photographer Creates Epic Pillow Fight Engagement Session

Moira West


Photographer Mike Allebach specializes in offbeat photography, so when his clients asked for something interesting to send as a “save the date”, he came up with a creative engagement shoot featuring a pillow fight and a cake fight.

According to Mike, “Once the fight got going, I didn’t stop taking photos. The sequence only lasted about 3 minutes, so the video is just slightly quicker than real time.”

The messy session took place in his studio (he’s still finding feathers), and he imported the photos into Animoto to create the fun, shareable video. The video not only impressed his clients, who booked him for their wedding in November, but also wows visitors on his website and Facebook page.

Mike’s video uses the video style The Page Turner, an Animoto Pro-exclusive style. Try it for yourself and start creating videos today.