Pro Photographer Adam Silversmith: Words of Advice

Becky Brooks


You wouldn’t be able to tell photographer Adam Silversmith started seriously shooting 3 years ago by the looks of his work.

Immersing himself in the craft of photography while capturing images from the interesting performers he encounters in Vegas, Adam gives some interesting insights for fellow emerging pros.

Adam Silversmith Photography

When did you first start shooting photography seriously?

I began shooting in December of 2008 after finding out we had a baby on the way.

When did you start shooting the Cirque Du Soleil performers and what are some specific challenges you faced when you first started?

Very soon after discovering my passion for photography and because of my sports background, I decided to shoot Cirque du Soleil performers I knew from working there. I love being able to create photographs using the the amazingly talented people I’m around everyday. The challenge for me is to keep getting better and to make each shoot a little bit different. It’s easy to get stuck in a comfort zone but then I force myself to try new things and step outside that zone everyday.

What is the most gratifying part of shooting the artists?

The most gratifying part of shooting the artists is to see them proudly display my photos whether that be on social media or print. Most of the performers I shoot work for Cirque Du Soleil and do get photographed often in character. It is nice to be able to photograph them as themselves.

You photograph a lot of performers. What inspires the idea for your shoots in order to showcase a performer’s talent?

I am always looking at photos and I love looking at other artists’ work. Blogs, podcasts, social media sites, photography training sites, trade shows and conventions all help with my inspiration. My shadows series in the video was inspired by MC. Escher, as he has been my favorite artist for as long as I can remember. Additionally, one of the nice things about working for Cirque Du Soleil is that I am around so much talent each day. I believe we all inspire each other to continue creating and taking our talents to the next level.

You’ve been using Animoto for a little over a year now. How do you use slideshows?

I love Animoto! I use Animoto to showcase my work to the models and performers that I photograph. It adds value to my photos and to me as a photographer as I believe presentation is everything. Animoto helped me break out of the amateur zone with my peers because the presentation is done so well. Before Animoto, I would spend so much time on my photos just to have the social media sites I was posting them on ruin it with a mediocre presentation. Animoto completes the experience for my subjects instead of just having them look at photos and clicking next on their computers, they have a music video all about them with great music.

What words of wisdom do you have for photographers starting to dive into the realm of digital photography whether doing it just for fun or as a possible career?

I would take time to learn the craft. Everyone is creative and with today’s camera technology we can all make great looking photos. If more people would take the time to learn more of the technical side then I believe it would help them greatly. I also believe people should be careful with who they listen to. The only person we should be listening to is ourselves when it comes to our art. Once I decided what I wanted to photograph it became more fun and I feel like my skills improved much faster versus when I was just shooting anything I came across.

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