Challenge Accepted: Photographers Marketing with Video

Becky Brooks


It’s hard to believe that the Animoto Video Marketing Challenge for Photographers is less than two months old. Since Sue Bryce announced its launch of the Facebook group on CreativeLive, we have had the distinct pleasure of seeing hundreds of photographers across different genres create impactful videos for their businesses.

We have watched every video posted in the group to date and have been blown away by how many photographers are pushing themselves to start marketing with video. Many photographers are now using video to explain to the world why they love being a photographer and how important it is to have your photograph taken.

It has been so much fun to see the encouraging words everyone has been providing one another, along with constructive tips and feedback. The only thing we like more than the videos posted in this group is the community that has formed.

We look forward to seeing more throughout the rest of 2014, especially what creative holiday video marketing the group comes up with.

Watch a few of the videos posted to the group this month

It was hard to pick just five, as we’ve seen many more that were delightful marketing pieces that will surely enchant prospective clients.

Rachel Yoon asks (and answers through her gorgeous newborn photography), “Why capture your baby’s first days?” Rachel used her own words with Animoto’s text feature to give you this story, so no video capture was even necessary.

Carlos Garcia beautifully tells us something about himself that explains why delivering gorgeous wedding images to his clients is something he takes seriously. This video is sincere and really tells you Carlos’s “why”, allowing you to get to know him personally.

In this video, Leigh Righton gives a really awesome behind the scenes look at what it’s like to work with her, followed by awesome images she shot. Her use of video clips and music help set a vibe and tone that complements her work well. Leigh used Animoto’s custom styles (Documentary, Frameless, Classic) to choose the transition, font, color and framing she wanted for this video.

We love the hard-cuts transitions and tasteful font and color that Lucia Gill used with one of the customizable styles. Her work is showcased front and center with a song selection that sets a nice ambiance for watching Lucia’s dreamy work.

This video using the “Vogue” video style and multi-song feature has 1000+ views on YouTube. Sara Lynn photographed a proposal at Red Rocks and the party that followed. This shoot was incredibly unique and so is the video! What a great story to tell.

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