5 Newborn Photography Videos That’ll Wow Clients

Moira West


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New parents can never have too much information — whether it’s what to expect in the first year or which newborn photographer will be the best choice for capturing their baby’s first days. Give them what they’re looking for with these five easy-to-make newborn photography videos, and you’ll have parents feeling safe and secure when they choose you.

  1. Birth announcements. Word of mouth is the most powerful way to reach new clients. So let your happy customers speak for you. Create a simple video birth announcement that parents can share with friends and family, put your logo on it, and you’ve created an effective marketing tool without creating a “marketing” video. For example, newborn photographer Erin Elizabeth made this sweet birth announcement slideshow, which is currently clocking more than 100,000 views on Facebook and has been shared more than 150 times.

    Style: Frameless
    Song: “Anchor” (Light vocal) by Mindy Gledhill

  2. Studio tour. Newborn photography is a very specialized genre, and clients aren’t always sure what they’ll encounter when they go to a shoot. You can allay their nervousness with a tour of your space, letting them see what your studio (or at-home visits) look like, and what some of their options are. Kelly Brown created the video below, which takes you on a 360 degree tour of her stunning Queensland studio. But you can easily film your own studio tour with just a smartphone and some ingenuity.

    Style: Documentary
    Song: “Drops of Light” by Dan Phillipson

  3. Video business card. A video business card can give you a quick way to share your philosophy and style of photography with potential clients, even if it’s only a simple slideshow of images. Just remember to finish off your video with a call-to-action button that links to your website. For example, Ruth Bloch of Butterfly Moment Photography created this beautiful video business card, which has been viewed more than 7,600 times on Facebook, and ends with a call-to-action that directs traffic to her site.

    Style: Simply Stated
    Song: “Baby Steps” by Douglas Romayne

  4. Product video. Part of making sales is convincing clients of the value of your products. But your photographs are visual, so why not show instead of tell clients about them? Create a video with samples of your prints and albums to illustrate how beautiful, and how meaningful those products can be. Take Mollie Meagher of Ellie Belle Photography, who made this video to present her new Magnolia album. The lovely images and moving music help create an emotional connection, while text slides offer specific details about the album.

    Style: Innocence
    Song: “All About Your Heart” (Instrumental) by Mindy Gledhill

  5. Prep for shoot video. In order to help clients feel comfortable with you, you have to let them know what to expect when they walk through the door. A quick video illustrating what they’ll see and giving them tips for how to prepare for a shoot with you will go a long way to reassuring new parents that they’re in good hands. Take a look at how Kelly Brown gives a sense of warmth with just a few short tips and a peek inside her studio that prepare her clients for what they’ll see on the day of their session.

    Style: Classic
    Song: “Baby Steps” by Douglas Romayne

Show new parents they can rely on you — not just to craft beautiful images of their little one — but to make the whole experience feel safe, warm, and memorable in and of itself. Video can bring clients into a session, helping them see what’s coming and why they can trust you.

Are you using video in your newborn sessions? We’d love to see your work! Add a link in the comments below, or get in touch on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, by tagging @Animoto.