Streamline your Workflow with Lightroom and SmugMug

Lauren Colman


Animoto has long been known as a photographer’s secret superpower. Since 2007, we’ve been giving professional photographer’s an extraordinary tool to showcase their work. In that span, we’ve become great friends with some of the most influential photographers in the industry who have been nice enough to share their tips with us from time to time.

One of those photography powerhouses is Jared Platt. Platt, affectionately known throughout the industry as the Lightroom Man, recently sat down with us to talk through his post-production processes using the best-of-breed combination of Animoto, SmugMug, and Adobe Lightroom. Utilizing simple yet effective integrations between each service, Jared shows us how he edits his photos using Lightroom, easily stores them in SmugMug for safe archival, and instantly imports them into Animoto.

Streamline your workflow with Lightroom and SmugMug

It’s never been easier to streamline how you work with photos and videos. With SmugMug you’ll get peace of mind through safe, beautiful online galleries and unlimited storage, which is why it’s perfect for anyone who takes photos and videos. Thanks to our friends at SmugMug, Animoto users can save 20% off of any new SmugMug subscription.