Animoto CEO Talks Growing Your Photography Brand Online

Moira West


At this year’s WPPI, Tamara Lackey and Adorama TV sat down with our co-founder and CEO, Brad Jefferson, to chat about the future of video and what photographers can do to take advantage of the growing video revolution. Take a look at what he had to say:

Some highlights from the interview:

Why video has become so powerful

Why is video dominating conversations about marketing? According to Brad, it boils down to storytelling. “Video is just such a great platform for conveying a story. I think there’s such a huge industry around it because in a very short period of time, you can evoke such strong emotion through storytelling.”

Unlike a static picture, video can give a sense of what your photography business is like and what kind of person is behind the lens. “So when you think about a business and how to convey what that business is all about to put it in a video format, almost like a television commercial for the small business, it can be very provocative.”

The other reason to create photography videos to market your business? Other photographers are already doing it. “You’re going to be penalized, because these other photographers are going to have it. And they’re going to get the natural [SEO] boosting.”

How to boost your video’s searchability

Brad shared a simple way to get higher up in search engine results: remember your keywords. Because YouTube and Google are part of the same company, the right keywords on your YouTube video can help your Google search results. Brad suggested including where your business is or the area you cover (say, Bellevue, Washington) and what your specialty is. “You tag your video on YouTube. That way, you can realistically get on the first page of a Google search results.”

Tools for creating video

Adding video clips to photography videos can add interest and “open them up.” Though recording video can seem daunting, Brad and Tamara agreed that for photographers starting to record video for the first time, there were really only two must-have pieces of equipment:

  1. Stabilizer: a tripod or monopod to keep the camera steady
  2. Audio Recorder: either a lav mic for big events, like a wedding, or a shotgun mic for interviews

Tamara added that part of recording great video is just remembering what you already know. “Obviously, pay attention to all the things that you would as a photographer – your composition, your framing, your lighting, your foreground, your background – all those artistic touches.”

Animoto’s role in the video revolution

Brad closed out the interview by talking about Animoto’s role in helping photographers create video by saying, “Video is still [in its] really, really early stages, so to get on the train of where video’s going now, it’s just going to get easier, more powerful, more professional, and we hope to guide that.”

Looking for more guidance in creating your photography videos? Take a look at the other ways photographers are using Animoto and start creating your own videos today.