How to Personalize Your Photography Videos with Text Slides

Moira West


Sometimes the fonts available through Animoto may not match your specific look. For example, wedding photographers Justin and Mary Marantz of Justin and Mary Photography have a distinctive visual style, including specific logos and fonts they use in all of their media. That doesn’t mean they don’t make the most of their Animoto videos, though. Take a look at how they created their own text slides to incorporate their company’s look and feel into their “Shoot the Wedding You Want” video:

Want to give it a try?

Here’s how to create text slides for your Animoto video:

  1. Decide on the text you’ll use in your video.
  2. Create a new file in Photoshop, After Effects or other software with a 4:3 landscape aspect ratio. We recommend 1800px x 1200px as the optimum size for Animoto.
  3. Using the colors and fonts you have in your logo, write out the text for your slides and save as a jpg.
  4. Upload as a photo to your video.

That’s it! In minutes, you can have a unique visual that reinforces your brand of photography and sets you apart.

Try it for yourself today and start incorporating your business’s look and feel into your Animoto videos.