How Jerry Ghionis Is Sharing his Award-Winning Album with Video

Moira West


It’s pretty obvious wedding photographer Jerry Ghionis is insanely talented — you just have to look at his photos. But just in case you need a bit more convincing, one of his wedding albums just won the AIPP Australian album of the year.

The album has more than 100 images, much more than he could easily share on social media. So instead, Jerry created a slideshow using Animoto, adding “a couple of video snippets shot with the 8mm app and music from Triple Scoop Music.” The final video slideshow is both dramatic and delicate, with his music and style choices accentuating his incomparable photos:

Want to know how he did it? Take a look at Jerry’s tutorial showing exactly how he created his Animoto slideshow, and then get started creating your own.