Why Are You a Photographer?

Becky Brooks

Sue Bryce Animoto Inspiration Week

Portrait photographer, Sue Bryce is a firm believer that every photographer should have a video showing the world why you are a photographer and what being a photographer means to you.

Conveying your “why” in a video will not only help you get discovered and standout on YouTube, the 2nd largest search engine, but will also inspire action from those watching. As Simon Sinek famously talked about in his TedTalk, conveying your “why” is what differentiates many of the world’s greatest companies and leaders from the… less great.

Sue knows that you don’t need incredibly fancy video equipment or to hire a professional video editor to convey what your “why” is. To demonstrate this, she created this video using Animoto that conveys her “why”.

Placing a video like this online will not only help you get discovered and stand out, but will also help you connect emotionally with potential clients who are discovering your work and what you’re about.

Sue uses GarageBand to record voice overs. Watch this instructional video to see how she created her voiceover then uploaded to Animoto.

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