Feature a Video on Your Website

Becky Brooks

Paula Herko Animoto Inspiration Week

The amount of time people spend on your business’ website is a great indicator of how “sticky” your site is and whether they’re getting to know who you are as a photographer. However, keeping the average internet users’ interest can be difficult.

How do you combat this? Video is a proven way to keep people on your site longer. According to comScore, which measures online engagement, visitors who  watched a video on a website stay 2 minutes longer than those who didn’t.

Paula Herko, of Storyline Photography, placed a video on her website. Not only does it offer an immersive experience right on her home page, showcasing her best work, but the song, video style and logo help tell the story of her brand.

If you feel that you can be doing a better job telling the story of who you are as a photographer and showcasing what type of work you like to shoot, try showcasing yourself with video on your website. Utilize tools like Google Analytics to see if people are indeed spending more time on your site as a result.

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