Senior photographer Jake Ressler of Ressler Photography knows to keep a box of tissues handy during his video reveal sessions. He’s got a trick up his sleeve that ensures almost of the moms who come to see their children’s photos break down in tears.

A simple 5-minute interview done at the start of a session that helps Jake frame his images during the reveal session video.

Style: Light Panes (dark)
Song: “To Show You My Love” by Mike Schmid

Jake shared that during the session itself, he tells the seniors, “We’re going to do a quick interview video. Don’t overthink it, just first answer that comes to mind.” He then asks them a few questions that he edits into the reveal video. “It’s nothing fancy — I record it on our 5D Mark II, just with the built-in microphone, do some basic tweaking and cuts, and then import it into Animoto.”

He then adds photos from the session, mixing images and evocative music with interview footage to create a moving video. The combination is extremely potent. “We were doing non-interview videos and some of the moms would full-on cry by the end. But last year, since we started throwing the interviews in, I would say probably 75-90% of moms need the Kleenex by the end of the video.”

Style: Light Panes (dark)
Song: “This Life” by Ryan Huston

And when moms cry, they buy. “You know they have an attachment to the images they’re seeing, and that’s going to make them want to get all of the images.” Ressler Photography’s profit since they added the interviews has gone up about $500 per sale. Video sales have gone up as well, with many students choosing to use the video during their graduation parties.

Jake added, “I can’t imagine doing it without the video because it gets them emotionally invested in their images from the get-go. I don’t know that they’d have that emotional connection to the images just going through them one-by-one.”

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