How Pro Photographers Can Use Mobile Video

Becky Brooks


Mobile video is great because it’s easy for you to always have with you on whatever device you can’t live without and empowers your clients to share your work when out and about also.

Here are our tips on how you as a photographer can use Animoto videos on mobile devices.

Take the Showroom With You

pro photographers using mobile for marketing and sales

You never know who you might run into when out and about. Whether you always have an iPad by your side or a smartphone in your pocket, download an Animoto video to your device so you always have it handy.

Animoto videos showcase your photography in a professional, engaging and powerful way. This is an awesome way to respond to someone when they ask at a cocktail party, “What type of photography do you shoot?”

These videos make great first impressions and present your work and yourself in a professional light.

Share Video with Client

mobile friendly embed code video

Whether you tag your clients on Facebook, give them the mp4 so they can put it on their device, or just share them a link to your video you’re empowering them to share your video on the fly while out and about with friends and family members who might become future clients of yours!

If embedding your video to your site or blog, make sure you click the “mobile-friendly” option so the embed code we give you works on all mobile devices.

Shoot Video on Phone

video clip editing animoto videos

Most photographers have a DSLR that shoots video, but if that seems too daunting to manage during a shoot, you can still capture behind the scenes footage with your mobile phone.

There are a lot of fun iPhone apps that add filters to video so you can fairly easily create something fun for your Animoto video. Plus, if the footage you shoot is more “Behind the Scenes” then the difference in quality between the footage and the final output (your photos) will be all the more apparent.

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