For many portrait photographers, late fall is the season for holiday sessions and heart-warming printed cards. But you can add a little more value to holiday orders by creating a video card to go along with your printed cards, like this slideshow from Alycia Alvarez’s milk-and-cookie themed session.

Style: Wrapping Scraps
Song: “Deck the Halls” by Steve Rudolph

Why you should have holiday slideshows:

Not sure you’re ready to add video slideshows into your busy holiday schedule? We’ve got three excellent reasons you should consider it anyway:

  • Added value: Even though professionally photographed holiday cards look beautiful, potential clients may balk at the cost. Adding a video into the mix offers clients an added value that doesn’t subtract from your bottom line.
  • Free marketing: While it’s a beautiful sentiment, a printed card can only go so far — you can only print so many and send them to a limited number of people. A video holiday card allows clients to send your slideshow to endless family and friends through email or social media. When you include your logo and website at the end of the card, it opens you up to a whole new audience, creating a great marketing opportunity.
  • Winning over your clients: It also gives your client an unexpected holiday gift that they’ll remember when referring friends or deciding on a photographer for next year’s photos.

Tips for successful seasonal slideshows:

Make sure you benefit from creating your video holiday cards with these easy-to-implement tips:

  • Choose a variety of images. Vary the types of images you select, and try to look for horizontal shots that will stand out on video. It’ll show your range and keep the slideshow interesting.
  • Select seasonal styles. Styles like Wrapping Scraps, a Wonderland of Snow, or Blue Frost are festive and fun, or you could use a customizable style like Classic with a holiday-themed color palette.
  • Get them out quickly. The sooner your holiday slideshow comes out, the sooner you can benefit from a client’s friends and family seeing it. But don’t forget to . . .
  • Add your logo and/or website. This makes it easy for your clients’ friends and family to find you if they like your photography.
  • Keep it short. Like a printed holiday card, you don’t need to say (or show) too much to share season’s greetings, and your audience is more likely to reach the end of the video (with your logo) if it’s under a minute.

Holiday slideshows don’t have to be complicated to impress clients. Just find a style and music selection that matches the feel of your photos, and you’ve got a gift for your client that they’ll appreciate and want to share with all their loved ones.

Are you creating holiday slideshows this year? Let us know in the comments section below, or visit the Video Marketing Challenge to share your work with other photographers.